Blues Central, June 2023

The crowd numbers are building at our monthly Blues party and June promises to be another big afternoon. We have the popular, long standing band the Cross Eyed Cats on stage. These boys also know there way around the big Perth music venues and are a frequent Perth Blues Club billing. We are team tagging them with Smokin’ Joe, so it will be 3 hours of solid pumping music. Don’t forget to bring your membership key rings with you as you are entitled to 10% discount on the Southern Style food and drinks that Froth put on specially for the party. The Hurricanes got a pounding at the last Blues Central so if you haven’t tried this New Orleans rum punch then you really are missing something. See you at Blues Central.

Froth Craft Bunbrewery

All current South West Blues Club members receive a 10% discount on food and beverages at Froth Craft Bunbrewery so bring your 2023 Guitar Pick Membership Key Ring with you to claim your discount. The other bit of good news is that this isn’t only on Jam Days. You can use your Membership Key Ring anytime you visit Froth and claim your discount.

Jam Day, Froth Bunbrewery, 21 May 2023

Get bragging rights!! Make sure you are at the FIRST EVER Blues Club Jam Session at Froth Craft Bunbrewery in Bunbury AND just as a sweetener, South West Blues Club members get 10% off all food and drinks (so be sure to bring your 2023 membership guitar pick key ring with you). See you there Sunday 21st May at 2pm.

Blues Central – May 2023

We edge closer to a big Sunday of blues. Empire Blues is a seasoned trio with a big sound. They are making the road trip South to Froth and we can’t wait. It’s a 2pm kick-off and they are followed by the much anticipated debut of South West Blues Club’s own collaboration, Deadwater Pelican. Sundays don’t get much better than this and to top it off the crew in the Froth kitchen are serving up the finest Southern cuisine. Blues Central is more than just great music, its a Southern style party. We’ll see you all there.

Important Announcement

Sadly our tenure at the Parade Hotel is over. We wish the Parade Hotel every success with their new plans and thank them for the huge support they have given the South West Blues Club over the years. They will always be in our hearts.
We are excited however, to announce that our Jam Sessions will now be held at one of Bunbury’s newest and best music venues, Froth Craft Bunbrewery on 12 Victoria Street, in the heart of Bunbury.
With a full sound stage, sound system and sound tech, big lounge, well furnished bar, kitchen and micro brewery, we are confident our jam day afternoons will be every bit as successful as they have been in the past. Same day and same time (the third Sunday of each month from 2pm until 6pm.)
As an added bonus South West Blues Club members will receive 10% discount on food, drinks and merchandise simply by presenting your current South West Blues Club Guitar Pick Membership Key Ring.

We want to thank the Froth Crew for welcoming us so enthusiastically into their wonderful establishment – together we are keeping the blues alive.

View from the Chair

Hi South West Blues Club members,

Our April Jam Session was a big success this month with many members and musicians getting a chance to get up and strut their stuff. The “board” was filled and people in the last few slots did not get a chance to play (me amongst them). However, this can be corrected as we have noted the names of the members who missed out and they will get priority consideration at the May session (21st May I think). As always, the members who help to get out the gear and set it up, and then pack it away are in the pole position to get on the board. At the jam session we have to finish at 6pm and it is not always easy to judge how many people we can fit in before the session closes.

As I have mentioned before, I always watch the jam session on the club website, as it is recorded and posted each month by treasurer Ron Kinson. I have watched the last session (the April session) and while most people were able to change over quickly and keep things going some musicians were a bit leisurely in getting ready and then getting on with their spot. When you get up there you should be tuned and ready to go!

One thing I would say about the club is that it is a passionate place, meaning many members have their view of what the blues is and how it should be played, and this can lead to “intense” discussions.
Some guidance should be available from Dave Hole and Glen Whisson in their Rollin’ and Tumblin’ gig at BREC (16th and 17th June) in which they are presenting a guided tour of the blues from the 1920’s to the 1960’s, and beyond. We have just learnt that club members can get a slight discount on tickets for these gigs by entering a code, which you can get by emailing the club.

The April jam was the first time we have used the new Fender Tonemaster amps and we feel it generally went well. The advantage of these amps is that we can put them through the PA, which helps the PA operators to control the overall volume of the sound. The volume of musicians playing at the sessions can be a concern to the venue and if the volume of your spot is too high you will be asked to end your session.

I have always been interested in listening to Ben’s band, “Deadwater Pelican”, as I think these guys bring a unique take and feel on the blues that they play. Therefore I’ll be at the Froth next month (14th May) to see their session as they are the SWBC band playing at Blues Central, supporting Empire Blues.

Keep the faith
Dave Corcoran
South West Blues Club President

Jam Day, Parade Hotel 16 Apr 2023

These are the halcyon days for Jammin’ at the Parade. The warm autumn sea breeze out on the deck with the sound of music rolling out over the bay. Let’s make the most of the golden weather. Bring your musical instruments, friends and family either to play or just to sit and enjoy the afternoon in the sun. We are adding a Kerry B Ryan Cd and tee to the meat and coffee raffles this month so there’s now even more good stuff to WIN. Come on down and join in the fun, Sunday afternoon from 2pm through until 6pm, at the Parade Hotel.

Blues Central – Apr 2023

The Kerry B Ryan Blues Experience is one of Perth’s most popular and frequently appearing bands. Kerry has been playing guitar since he was 13 years old and his love of blues has been the driving force behind an astounding 30 years of blue’s performances at festivals and music venues. We are excited to have Kerry make it to Bunbury for Blues Central. Added to this is the South West Blues Club Band, a new compilation of some of the club’s most seasoned performers. Two of the club’s most accomplished guitarists and vocalists Ron Kinson and Gary Green team up as Ronnie and the Resonators for what is guaranteed to be an absolute treat. It is stacking up to be a cracker afternoon of blues on Bunbury’s big blue’s stage. Sunday 9th of April, 2pm kick-off. See ya there.

Jam day, Parade Hotel, 19 Mar 2023

There were so many new (and young) faces at the last jam. The March Jam Session is now only a week away and most of us just can’t wait. This is a great time of the year to be playing outdoors at The Parade on the edge of the bay. Grab family and friends and make the most of this fantastic weather. We kick off at 2pm so get down early, give us a hand getting set up and get your name up on the white board. This is your chance to get on stage and strut your stuff. See you there Sunday. Have a great week.

Blues Central 12 Mar 2023

The Stampede of awesome blues bands into Bunbury continues at Froth Bunbrewery. This month we have Perth’s teenage sensations, Louis Rebeiro and the Blues Machine. We got a taste of just how good these boys are at the January Jam, now Blues Central brings then to town for a two hour session followed by one of South West Blues Club’s best known bands, Stumptown. We had a big turnout in February and these two bands should play to a packed house. Put this in your diary because in years to come you want to be able to say “I saw the Blues Machine in Bunbury in 2023”.