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Events in October 2023–March 2024

  • - Blues Central - Froth Brewery 8 Oct 2023
    Blues Central - Froth Brewery 8 Oct 2023

    Category: General Blues Central - Froth Brewery 8 Oct 2023


  • - Capel River Classic
    Capel River Classic

    Category: General Capel River Classic


    On Saturday the 14th of October 2023, a fun, exciting, and new community event comes to Capel and South West Blues Club have been asked to provide a day of live music.
    The event has been developed as a four-way partnership between the Ironstone Adventure Riding Club, the Shire of Capel, the Indian Harley Club, and the Bike Shed Times.
    Starting at 10 a.m., the Capel River Classic Show and Shine Day offers a day of different attractions for the whole family.
    Key attractions are as follows:
    A Vintage Motorcycle Show and Shine
    The 'Rustic Off-Road Rally' for pre-1975 classic and historic bikes on local gravel and unsealed roads
    The 'Capel River Classic' with entertainment, food, refreshments, and other activities that bike enthusiasts and the general public can enjoy. Including Country Markets, Food trucks, Live Music, a Bar, and entertainment for the kids.
    The event will include a stunning showcase of meticulously restored vintage bikes that pay homage to the craftsmanship and beauty of yesteryears.
    From rare classics to iconic legends, every motorcycle on display will be a testament to the rich history of motorcycling.
    Come along, have a great day and support your club bands.

  • - 2023 AGM - 15 Oct 2023 at Froth
    2023 AGM - 15 Oct 2023 at Froth

    Category: General 2023 AGM - 15 Oct 2023 at Froth


    The South West Blues Club 2023 AGM will be held 11am-12pm on Sunday 15 October 2023 at Froth Brewery 12 Victoria Street Bunbury (i.e. immediately prior to the October jam day).

    The AGM is an important time for us to come together as a club, reflect on the year that has been and elect our committee and office bearers for the following year. Please come along to help celebrate what we’ve achieved in 2022/23 and decide upon the structure of our committee for 2023/24.

    Notice of Special Resolution

    Please note that a special resolution has been received, which will be considered at the AGM.