Blues Central – Froth 9 Jun 2024

We are half way through the year already and to celebrate the solstice so we have elected to throw one enormous blowout. We are treating you all to the extraordinary and hugely talented Matty T Wall. This blues journeyman is proudly a product of WA and one of the states most talented guitarists. This will be a big afternoon, Matty has a huge following, with one of the club’s favourite bands, Jimmy & The Survivors, to take the afternoon out. Put a ring around Sunday June 9 and do NOT miss this. This is a FREE event courtesy of Froth Craft Bunbrewery – Bunbury and South West Blues Club. It will be a biggy.

Jam Day – Froth 19 May 2024

We are running out of Autumn but the days are still warm, it’s just a great time of the year. Get yourself down to Froth for Jam Day this coming Sunday. Come play some music with us, just listen or sit back and chin wag with friends. Whatever your reason for being at a Jam Day, it’s alright by us. If club members can get down a tad early then we can always do with a hand setting the kit up. See you Sunday.