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Blues Central: on the second Sunday of each month at Froth Bunbrewery. This event features top bands from WA and other states, together with a club band.

Club Jam Day: on the third Sunday of each month. Members and fans gather at Froth Bunbrewery each month for an afternoon of music and friendship.


Jam Day, Froth Bunbrewery - 17 Mar 2024

Category: General Jam Day, Froth Bunbrewery - 17 Mar 2024


Time marches on. If you haven't dusted off that ole' guitar and put on a set of new strings then just do it. Come and join us this Sunday for an afternoon of live music and camaraderie. Come to play or just to listen, we'd just love to see you. Froth Craft Bunbrewery - Bunbury 1pm Sunday afternoon. It will be the best place in town to be. Don't forget your membership 'guitar pick' key ring for 10% off food and drinks.