Summer Series 2017, Second event

Summer Series 2017 – Event 2

Koombana Bay will fill with music.

The lawns of the Dolphin Discovery Centre will be packed with music lovers and revellers come Saturday the 11th of February. The South West Blues Club will hold the second of their three concerts and they are predicting the crowds will be even bigger than the first Hussey Hicks concert in January.
The four-act show starts at 5:00pm and with a warm evening forecast the bands will play as the sun sinks into the bay and the moon rises.
Club President Barry Benfell says he hopes patrons turn up on time as the show kicks off with one of Western Australia’s most promising up and coming talents, Ben Catley. Ben was the runner up solo finalist at the recent Blues Challenge and off the back of this he was invited to play at the Perth Blues Club. He is a young star in the making.
“I say that because there are no ‘fillers’ in these shows, we have picked a range of talented artists who compliment each other. The show slides from one act to the next as the evening builds towards Matty T Wall as the ‘show-stopper’. At our last concert folk were a bit slow getting here and they were really disappointed to learn they had missed Tracey Barnett at her absolute best. There is not one part of Saturday nights show that you will want to miss,” Mr Benfell said.
After Ben will be Greg Bowles a local slide guitarist, many will be familiar with. Greg is a proponent of the rich Delta Blues sound and he will provide a mellow introduction to the final two acts that can only be described as high energy.
Toby Beard will be on stage with her powerful signature voice just as the night descends. Toby has squeezed this concert in for the Blues Club just before she sets off again next month on a European Tour. Her fans will be excited to learn she is working on a new album and we all have our fingers crossed that we may get to hear some of her new material.
There will be no time to get back into your seats before Matty T Wall explodes on stage. Matty is undoubtedly the hottest blues act in Australia right now. International Blues Blogger Down at the Crossroads rank Matty’s debut album ‘Blue Skies’ in the top 10 alongside the Rolling Stones and Mavis Staples.
Matty will take you on an electric journey with sounds as raw as Robert Johnstone and as dynamic as Jimi Hendrix. This will be a great night.
“We have hardly had time to take breath since our last show in January, Barry says. One of the great features of our Series is the chance for Bunbury folk to see, hear and meet these wonderfully talented artists all who call this place home, artist who are literally rocking the world. It’s your chance to hear them live and even meet and talk to them. We had people walking home at the end of the first show on a high and this concert promises to be the same.”
Bring a blanket, a fold up chair and a friend because this show will be unforgettable. There is food and drinks available and we have all the ingredients of the perfect musical storm.

Summer Series 2017

The Summer series. Your whole summers entertainment in one package. Held in the sumptuous Dolphin Discovery Centre the Summer Series is a a series of mini concerts linked together. A season ticket will get you to see 12 of the best acts money can buy. Right here in the heart of Bunbury. No driving two hours to Perth. They will be performing right here on our doorstep

Online tickets available at
Single Full season pass $90
Single Jan Show only $35
Single Feb Show only $35
Single March Show only $35
Family pass to single event $60 (2 parents 2 children under 14)

The Rose Hotel
The Dolphin Discovery Centre
Asahi Beer

The amazing Hussy Hicks with Julz Parker and Leesa Gentz. Just returned from their barnstorming tour of Europe where they have been promoting their recently highly acclaimed album. Julz and Leesa together are a stunning song writing combo and have penned some amazing songs. They cross all boundaries, playing everything from blues folk, country to quirky jazz. There’s not much this pair can’t do.

The soaring voice of the amazing Toby, almost her last show before embarking on her own tour of Europe where she has been touring for the last couple of years where she will be promoting her own album Nobody Told Me. Toby is the consummate performer who entertains not only with her music but also with her witty rapport with the crowd

Americana doesn’t come any more real or authentic than American Bret Mosley. Bret has now moved permanently here to WA and is rapidly forging a career as one of the must see artists. Bret writes his songs from the heart and plays with a driving passion that is hard to quench.

All this and more Old Blood a Local WA blues rock outfit that will literally blow you away. These guys are the real deal with fantastic musicianship and vocals to die for.

Matty T Wall, the guitar player from hell. Matty will without doubt lift the roof with their power house rocking blues . These guys are pound for pound the biggest hitting band on the circuit. They will rock you in ways that you didn’t even know existed

Andrew Winton will be serenading us with his silky guitar skills tied to his attempt to tame the Winton beast on stage. The lap steel to kill them all. Andrew has been touring the world entertaining huge crowds and is a festival favourite wherever he goes

Greg Bowles, Greg is one of the true masters of authentic early American blues. Greg will transport you right back to the plantation with his renditions of real blues classics.

Tracey Barnett is a local singer songwriter made good. Tracey has been steadily growing her immense signwriting skills and honing them on her almost nonstop tour. Recently topping the Reverb Nation blues and Roots charts.

Eldorado, a new name on the music scene,. Freshly formed right here in Bunbury these guys will knock your socks off. Formed by a couple of life long friends they have carefully crafted some fine songs and will amaze with their own individual sounds

Shake em on Down. Local Father and Son band who have made the blues their own. Taking familiar old blues tunes and adding their own touches of brilliance. These guys know how to entertain, there’s no way you can sit still when they are on stage

Ben Catley An Englishman recently migrated to WA to further his love of live music. Ben will transfix you with his unique song writing and performing. Ben will leave audiences wanting more

Christmas Party 3rd Dec 2016

One of The Bridgetown Festival’s international guest stars is partying with us on the lawns of The Dolphin Discovery Centre along with other supporting bands for our end of year bash. Join us on the edge of Koombana Bay for a night of great music. Gate ticket $10. For more information call Judi: 0400 155 554


This Saturday night you can party with Rachelle Coba on the lawns of The Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury. We are privileged to have this American guitarist/singer sensation, fresh from Blues at Bridgetown. This will be the best night you have ever had for just $10. It all starts at 4:30pm and features the SWBC Jammers. Live Music, good food and a lot of fun. Food and drink on sale.

Bring your folding chairs or blanket and some warm clothes, as it may get cold later.


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