View from the Chair

Hi members of the Southwest Blues Club.

One view I was unable to observe recently was the Blues Central gig featuring Howling Onshore and Enjoy. I was in Sydney using up flight credits left over from a flight cancellation we had during the COVID lockdown. The Blues Central gig seems to have gone well with good performances from both bands.

While in Sydney we went to the Pyrmont Hotel, near Darling Harbour, as there is always a good band on at the 3pm to 6pm Sunday session at the hotel, so I was able to catch some good music at roughly the same time as Blues Central was on.

In my last “view” I mentioned that Capel Shire had been in touch with the club to see if we could provide bands for their Capel River Classic event on October 15th and I asked bands to nominate for this. The bands who responded have all been slotted in so “Dave Tiger and the Allsorts”, “Deadwater Pelican”, “Brown Dog and the Mutleys”, “Hooch” and “Enjoy / Old School Blues” will represent the club at this event. This means around 22 members of the club will be playing at this event and that will be a great opportunity for these members. I believe the club was approached after a Capel Shire employee attended a jam session at Froth and was impressed by the standard of playing there. I remind all members playing at the Capel event that they must complete an online “induction” for this event.

Blues at Bridgetown is approaching (2nd weekend in November) and we have been offered (at this stage) 90 minutes of playing time there. This should equate to 3 bands being able to get a session there. Once again any band interested in representing the club at Bridgetown should forward their interest to me. Previously several club members and bands have been able to make their own arrangements to play at Bridgetown so check out their website to see what is available if this interests you.

I should be back in WA in a few days so I am looking forward to the next jam day at Froth.