From the Chair

Greetings fellow blues club members, and friends.

As you may know, I have been elected to the position of chairman for the coming year. I am very pleased to take on this role, and I will do everything I can to keep the club running well.

I would like to thank the outgoing chairman, Dave Corcoran, for all of the hard work he has put into what can only be described as a difficult year. I would also like to thank Cici Corcoran for her efforts on the committee. Also, a big thanks to the committee of the past year, who work tirelessly behind the scenes, to ensure the smooth running of everything. These people are all dedicated volunteers, and are amazing.

I welcome the returning committee members, and the new committee members, and I look forward to a productive and enjoyable year.

For the past couple of weeks the committee have been busy getting the administrative things done, and preparing for the challenges ahead. We will do our best to keep everyone informed of what is happening, and what lies ahead.

A reminder to all members that membership renewals fall due on the 1st of December each year, so I encourage you to check that you are financial members. Membership costs just $25 per year, and there are benefits from this membership. Firstly, and most importantly, as a financial member, you get to decide who runs the club for the coming year. Another benefit is supporting the club, to support local musicians. There have been some amazing performances at out jam days, and at our monthly event, Blues Central. I intend to encourage the committee to arrange other club events, that will be provided for members. Stay tuned!

This brings me to another thank you, to our sponsors, Froth Bunbrewery, who provide the venue and sound system, and engineer for our events. On top of this Froth offer paid members a 10% discount on purchases at there brewery. This applies all of the time, not just at club events, so get on down and support Froth.

Again, thank you to all of the hard working members for accepting the challenge, and getting the results.

Finally, all members, please feel free to contact me, or any of the committee, with any questions, or suggestions. We would love feedback, and your ideas. Don’t forget to enjoy yourselves.


Ron Kinson

Chairman, South West Blues Club Inc.